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Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa is coming December 12th!

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Every year, the Tahoe City Rotary Club hosts a Sled and Santa Day at Granlibakken. Pack up the kids and join us on December 12th for free sledding plus gifts from Santa, who arrives, not by sleigh, but by Tahoe City fire truck. Festivities kick off at noon.

Santa's come to Granlibakken!

Santa's come to Granlibakken!

Grab your sled! More snow days ahead!!

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Mother Nature knew that school was out this week for the Thanksgiving holiday. Unfortunately for parents, kids aren’t sleeping in. Awakened by the sound of plows followed by the quiet of snow, kids are clamoring to make that first snowman of the season and get out their sleds.

With over six feet of new, fluffy snow coating our historic hill (and more on the way), Granlibakken’s sled hill is officially open for the season. The new snow has made this Thanksgiving one of our most memorable in years! In addition to a home cooked dinner and the company of friends and family, visitors can look forward to the laughter that only comes from being  bundled up from head to toe spinning down fresh white powder in a fluorescent green saucer.

6 feet of fresh snow welcomes you to Granlibakken's Sled Hill!

6 feet of fresh snow welcomes you to Granlibakken's Sled Hill!

Snow "experts" testing out Granlibakken's Sled Hill for the season.

Snow "experts" testing out Granlibakken's Sled Hill for the season.

Thanksgiving – A holiday for Vikings.

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

At Granlibakken, we’re preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday. Our Vikings in-residence, Bjorn t’Party, Frida Romabout and Lars a’Loud, are here to share with us their favorite traditions from the harvest.

Frida's sweet tooth

Frida's sweet tooth

I quite fancied the smoked pork with a side of fresh parsnips, turnips, onions and cabbage flavored with dill, thyme and marjoram. Since I have a sweet tooth, my favorite was porridge from barley and oats cooked with milk. And to make it even more decadent, I’d drop a dollop of butter on top.

Well it’s no surprise that you’ll always find me, horns in hand filled to the brim with beer. When Frida and I get together, you’ll even see me sipping the mead – a drink made from honey.

A toast from Bjorn

A toast from Bjorn

Yes, celebrations are certainly about the bounty. For me, they’re also about signing, dancing and storytelling. I can’t remember a grand celebration without family and friends at arm’s length, sharing tales and making new memories.

Lars "melodically" Loud

Lars "melodically" Loud

Our traditions exist here at Granlibakken with their generous holiday feasts, Christmas caroling and festivities and welcoming accommodations perfect for groups big and small. Whether you’re staying at home this Thanksgiving and perhaps cooking on your Viking range or eating leftovers while cheering on the Minnesota Vikings or joining us here at Granlibakken, we wish you a wonderful holiday. And don’t forget, everything’s better with horns on!

One of the Best Words: R-E-S-O-R-T

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Ever think you deserve a quick zip to some resort for an easy getaway? It’s kind of a tough thought given the current economic climate – maybe the job’s a little shaky, or your tapping what’s left of the home equity line, or maybe you’re just keeping things a little tighter to the belt.


Three Lanes of Heaven

Well check this out: you can come to Granlibakken, stay for a great price and feast every morning on an expansive (and free) spread. If you’re feeling ambitious you should know that just about everything I’ve written about in the blog posts below is still a possibility. It’s a great time for mountain biking and hiking, you can swim in the Lake at any time of day and into the evening, the fishing is getting better and better (though not on the Truckee near Tahoe City), stand-up paddling is perfect, you can motorboat in the mornings and sail most afternoons. It’s heaven-time up here!

After you’ve (maybe) done one of these activities after breakfast, you can waltz on down to the crystal clear waters of Granlibakken’s pool-a-palooza. If you’re one of those people who think it’s always chilly in Tahoe then start in the mammoth hot tub replete with its own island. This ought to heat you up enough to hop in the pool (which is also heated & has some lanes) which for me is the perfect place to start (by the way, there’s also a kiddie pool). Then take your pick of the chaise lounges, umbrella’d tables or the lush grass which are all poolside. This time of year things are quiet enough in Tahoe that you’ll feel like it’s your very own personal r-e-s-o-r-t, ahhhh!


A Slab of Heaven

If you’re not like those lucky people who can sit by a pool for hours then choose from a list of mellow options to fill the rest of the afternoon – tramp on the famous Tahoe Rim Trail right from the ‘backyard,’ roll a cruiser bike to Tahoe City, stroll down to Granlibakken’s tennis courts for game or two. Or, since most of the rooms at Granlibakken are so nicely laid out, you can just chill back at the pad and listen to the wind blow through the trees…


Ahhh those sweet trees, Heavenly!

Labor Day Events & High Camp

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

So you’re one of those people who don’t have any plans for the last big weekend of the Summer? Don’t worry there are plenty of others just like you and with things the way they are, these days you get rewarded for making last minute travel decisions.

View from High Camp looking dooooooown

View from High Camp looking dooooooown

Let me start with the deals then move on to a little something about one of my favorite places up here…

First and foremost, Granlibakken is offering a Stay Two Night and Get the Third FREE special for Labor Day, Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving.

Thursday – Saturday: Jake’s Restaurant in Tahoe City is having an awesome Full Moon Date Night: $79 per couple including tax and tip for a four course meal.

Friday is the first ski flick premier: ‘Black Winter’ by Standard Films is showing at Squaw’s Olympic Village Lodge at 8pm ($8 advance, $10 at the door)

Also on Friday the Tahoe Rim Trail Association is hosting a free guided hike from Kingsbury to Spooner Summit, a 12 mile trek with some of the best views you’ll ever see. (

Sunday is the Alpen Wine Fest benefiting the Jimmy Heuga Center for Multiple Sclerosis. This is a classic Tahoe late summer-early fall event now on it’s 21st year.

Four-time Grammy nominee Marcia Ball plays a FREE Commons Beach Concert in Tahoe City on Sunday. Granlibakken guests who want to go will get a free picnic lunch 0 be sure to ask at the front desk in advance.

Also Sunday is the Truckee Reggae Festival at the Regional Park – one of the best mini-amphitheaters in the country featuring some solid reggae acts including Israel Vibration and Giant Panda ($20).

Northstar’s Mountain Bike Park is open til October.


Pulling into the 8th Wonder

Pulling into the 8th Wonder

And now a quickie on one of the coolest things around (and it’s only open til Sept 13):

High Camp at Squaw Valley

Squaw’s founder and one of Tahoe’s leading visionaries believed in the mantra ‘Build it and They will Come.” He built this crazy structure on top of the mountain then billed it the 8th Wonder of the World. Remember this is the same guy who brought Siberian Tigers in for the opening of the new Siberia quad chair (later he wanted to prove the size of Squaw’s new aerial tram by shoving an elephant inside!).

High Camp has seen some changes so although a couple really cool things aren’t there any more (bungee jumping, golf range) it is still an incredible place to spend a day. If you can, pick one with calm weather and get up there when it opens. You can go for little day hikes, swim laps, float, ice skate, drink beers in a hot tub and eat some lunch – all out in the open and with a spectacular view of the infamous Palisades. Also the Olympic Heritage Museum has been re-upped and is a pleasant place to spend an hour. It’s just one of those wild places and if you make friends with a local or employee you might find yourself marveling at the counter-weight room that keeps the trams from plummeting to the ground….

I brought my grandma up there once and by the time she was ‘over’ her fear of heights from the tram ride, she was just about ready to give ole Alex Cushing a high five. Everyone loves High Camp so go see why!

© 2009 Alex West (incl. photos)

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