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An Elegant Affair Wine Tasting – Just another day in North Lake Tahoe

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

It’s back! Wine lovers far and wide – mark your calendars for An Elegant Affair food and wine tasting. This event marks the beginning of winter and is a great chance to get dressed up and enjoy the ambiance of beautiful downtown Tahoe City. Start the season of giving off right!

An Elegant Affair is an annual fundraiser for the Tahoe High Booster Club. This special evening of fun, friends, and of course wine, raises money for a very important cause in the Tahoe Community, our schools. Get out the dress and suit and have a night out on the town!

The Tahoe Boatworks Mall is the perfect setting for the evening. Enjoy great company and conversation lakeside as you sample delicious beer and wine. Not to be outdone the food is always a hit. Local restaurants will be featuring appetizers and desserts.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to help the community and enjoy a memorable evening with friends at An Elegant Affair. Tickets are $60/person or $110/couple.


A Viking’s Breakfast at Granlibakken

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
A Breakfast Buffet fit for a Viking

A Breakfast Buffet fit for a Viking

Breakfast. They say it is the most important meal of the day. If this is the case then why are so many skimping on this all Important calorie fix? More importantly, why are most hotels cutting back this critical meal? Nowadays this “complimentary breakfast” at most lodging properties is nothing more than stale bagels and orange marmalade.

Not Granlibakken. No way. Our complimentary hot breakfast buffet title doesn’t do it justice. Hot, hearty, feast fit for a viking, free buffet seems to be a closer description. This buffet is truly a treat to your taste buds. French toast, biscuits and gravy, bacon and eggs are merely a few choices of the plethora you have.

Whether you are a coffee and danish person or a full on AM chow master, like myself, Granibakken’s breakfast wont disappoint. Vacationing in Tahoe can be a full throttle activity and proper fuel is a must, especially before hitting the trails, slopes or heading into downtown Tahoe City for a day of shopping and beach combing.

Blog Action Day

Friday, October 15th, 2010



Happy Blog Action Day! Today we all take a moment to gather the cyber world together to create correspondence about a very important issue. The internet is one of the most powerful sources of information and on this day we flex our electronic muscle and bring awareness about an important cause, our drinking water.


Today, take 5 minutes to understand where your fresh water really comes from and how much there actually is. The world contains over 1.4 billion cubic kilometers of water, and only 35 million of that or 2.5% is actually freshwater.


These statistics bring up a very important point. We only have so much water and we only have so much time. Knowing important information about water can help you save precious drinking water for our future generations and precious dollars in this tight economy. To put it in perspective, humans need roughly 2-4 liters of water per day; however its takes roughly 2000-5000 liters of water a day to produce a human’s daily food intake.


Granlibakken has worked in conjunction with the Tahoe Regional Protection Agency to help protect Lake Tahoe’s precious fresh water and doing their part in conservation efforts. The Resort asks guests to please hang up and reuse their towels if they are not dirty. Also, the resort has installed automatic turn off switches on faucets and is currently working on retrofitting the shower heads of the resort with new low flow shower heads to increase water conservation.


Let’s take a look at ways we can all help conserve this vital resource to our survival.  First and foremost the majority of water waste is in the bathroom. Did you know that turning off the faucet when you brush your teeth could save your family 5-10 gallons of water per day? The next time you take a bath, close the drain while you wait for the water to warm up. You can offset the cold water by simply turning your handle further towards the hot side.


In addition to water waste inside, the majority of people waste far too much water on their lawns. It takes 660 gallons of water to supply 1000 square feet of lawn with 1 inch of water! You can minimize your water usage by only watering in early morning and evening times. This prevents evaporation and allows plants to retain more moisture for their growth. If you are looking for an easy way for your yard to look great with minimal effort consider “zero scaping.” By decorating your yard with rocks and local flora you can cut down dramatically on your water usage and not sacrifice your yard’s esthetics. To help conserve the purity of this regions drinking water Granlibakken certifies that all building and roadway runoff is treated before flowing into the Truckee River.


Regardless of who you are, everyone can help play a part in the conservation of our freshwater. The next time you see water flowing out of the drain, think a little bit harder about where it goes and if you can get it back.

Fall Specials at Granlibakken

Friday, October 8th, 2010

It is October. Fall is here and the weather is gorgeous in Lake Tahoe. What are you doing sitting at home? Known as the “shoulder season,” fall presents a great opportunity for families and couples to enjoy Lake Tahoe as we Locals do.  Sales, deals, and events make this season the perfect for any vacationer looking to wind down from a busy summer. The privacy of being nestled in trees above Lake Tahoe mixed with the excitement of the Lake’s recreational opportunities just minutes away makes Granlibakken the ideal lodging for your fall getaway.
Granlibakken is offering a $99/night fall deal for October inviting you to enjoy the Lake like a Local. Feel autumn in the air as you stroll the streets of Tahoe City and take advantage of shopping deals and dining specials.
Start your day off with a complimentary hot, hearty breakfast buffet. Stay on site and relax in a heated pool, Jacuzzi and sauna, or work up an appetite at the state of the art tennis facility.  With on site hiking trails and bike rentals Granlibakken makes it easy to experience the outdoors, and for only $99 a night, makes it affordable too.
With perfect temperatures outside fall is a prime season for events around the Lake. Tahoe City’s Annual Cobblestone Oktoberfest, Saturday October 9th , is a day full of apple bobbing, pumpkin painting, and yes, plenty of beer! Enjoy live music from Déjà vu, and wines from Uncorked Tahoe City.
On Saturday October 16th Harvest Fest will be in Tahoe City. A pumpkin patch, pony & hay rides, games for the kids & delicious food guarantee a memorable family experience. With free entry and the backdrop of Lake Tahoe the price is right too.
Don’t miss out on living like a local this October at Gralibakken.

Get on Up Here

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

So Labor Day Weekend is fast-approaching and you didn’t make any big plans. Don’t fret – Tahoe has tons of stuff going on and you can still get a room at your favorite resort in the the woods….

Granlibakken's Pools

Granlibakken's Pools

Tahoe City is having a huge Sidewalk Sale with local businesses getting out in the sun and enticing buyers with all kinds of sweet deals.

22nd Annual Alpen Wine Festival at Squaw: Come and check out this classic Summer Send Off. It benefits the Can Do Multiple Sclerosis Foundation with a silent auction, tastings and delicious edibles.

Northstar Resort has Tahoe Star Tours this weekend (see previous blog post on that). They are also doing a hosting a huge arts & crafts festival.

Commons Beach Concert – On Sunday it’s the grand finale of the Free summer concert series headlined by the Sons of Champlin on Sunday. The Truckee Tribe, a fantastic and versatile local band, is playing the Fat Cat in Tahoe City on Saturday night – this will be a great little scene…

Another Great Concert: Steelin Dan, a Steely Dan tribute group, will rock the Crystal Bay Club on Saturday.

West Shore Cafe re-opening: This iconic place was rebuilt and then recently sold to the owners of adjacent Homewood Ski Area (they also own Alpine Meadows). It’s a great place where I was only able to spring for a beer, barely. But now that JMA has bought it the $20 bowl of soup is a goner. Locals and normal visitors rejoice in the now-affordable West Shore Cafe!

Oh and did I mention that Granlibalkken has awesome swimming pools and tennis courts…?

The big pool...

The big pool...

Family Day!

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

It was a cold one but visitors (who read the North Tahoe Weekly) and tons of local tribes showed up at the Truckee Ampitheater for the first ever Family Day. There was an awesome Bike Rodeo which was totally safe but had just enough height to keep the 2-year-olds’ parents on the run.

Truckee Bike Rodeo

Truckee Bike Rodeo

The setting, as always, was perfect. The Ampitheater occupies a peaceful nook along the Truckee River right near downtown Truckee. Local musician Todd Wees gathered quality, kid-friendly bands like his own and entertained for hours while rainbows, sun and bit of afternoon rain kept everyone guessing. There was an awesome bounce house, the best strudel you’ve ever tasted and some local brews for those who could add to 21. Family Day in Truckee – put it on the late-August calendar for 2011 because it was good ole fashioned hoot.

Family Day - rockin'

Family Day - rockin'

Small Slice of Tahoe City History

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Yes, yes I know  that if you’re from California you’re not accustomed to seeking out historical sites within the state. This is the New Coast – the brave new world where you were either a profit seeker, treasure hunter or just plain ole crazy enough to move All The Way Out. Well I’m hear to simply let you know that there are a few places right in Tahoe City to pique your interest: The Watson Cabin and the Gatekeeper’s Museum.

Watson Cabin Tahoe City

Watson Cabin Tahoe City (photo from North Tahoe Museums)

The Watson Cabin was built by Tahoe City’s first cop – Robert Montgomery Watson. The highest peak above town also bears his name, as does the beautiful reflection-pond near that summit (a great bike ride, incidentally, and also a fun semi-offroad adventure for anyone with a Jeep). The cabin stayed in the family until the late 1970’s when the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society purchased it. They do all sorts of little events that are very kid-friendly so keep an eye on their calendar.

The Gatekeeper’s Museum is beautiful building located right at the headwater of  Tahoe’s sole outflow, the Truckee River. This is a really cool place to just meander – there are some placards if you feel like reading, some lawn for windsprints, a gorgeous rocky shore with a neat angle on Tahoe, oh and a museum! They showcase Washo Indian baskets, clothing, history exhibits of the resort boom, etc. The Truckee River outflow gates are right here and you can walk along the glass-lined structure where you’ll see the now-non-human-powered crank that winds the gates up and down.

Gatekeeper's Museum, Tahoe City (photo from North Tahoe Museums)

Gatekeeper's Museum, Tahoe City (photo from North Tahoe Museums)

If you get into these places and want some more, check out the Ehrman Mansion down at Sugar Pine State Park and then reward yourself with a historical beverage at the old bar on Chamber’s Landing pier…

The Stars at Night…

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Tahoe might not be the Atacama Desert or Hawaii when it comes to stargazing, but it’s pretty darn good. We get a black sky (especially when Squaw’s not open for night skiing) unlike many other places. Our elevation seems to be juuuust enough to be above the haze, both natural and manmade, that skew so many other night skies. One of my favorite things to do on a calm, moonless night here (besides see a band) is to find a pier with a second story on the end. Get up there and look all around – then peer down into crystal clear, jet black Tahoe. Star reflections will stare back at you with that ethereal glow that only comes from peaceful water-swish.

A different way to get a great perspective on the night sky is by going with someone who actually knows what’s above us. The man around these parts is Tony Berendsen from Tahoe Star Tours. He does his thing all over Tahoe and there are a few upcoming that you should check out if you’re here:

August 5, 2010: The Milky Way Rises Over Lake Tahoe
Activity: Star Tour Kayak
Time: 7:00pm-10:30pm
Cost: $65 per person
Where: Tahoe Vista Recreation Area

August, 12, 2010: Squaw Valley Family Campout on top of the Mountain! (inquire with Squaw to find out if they have a star expert in attendance)

August 12, 2010: Deep Sky Wonders and the Perseid Meteor Shower
Activity: Star Tour Hike
Time: 7:00pm-11:00pm
Cost: $65 per person
Where: Tahoe Vista Regional Park

RoGa @ Squaw this weekend: Wanderlust Festival

Monday, July 26th, 2010

What do you get when you combine a Rave with Yoga? Yes, I call it RoGa.

If you are into yoga and music but never thought of experiencing them in a combined way then maybe you should head up to Tahoe this weekend and catch Wanderlust at Squaw Valley. Or if you just like music by Moby, Bassnectar, Brazilian Girls, etc. you’d find yourself having a blast during summertime at the greatest ski area in the US. Then again, if you simply need an excuse to come up to elevation 6,200′ just hop in the car and come freak-gaze at one of the more bizarre happenings at the Lake all year.

Wanderlust came to Squaw last year and was a hit, even for those lacking the West Coast skills of slow-motion body contortion. I saw a group of guys from Massachusetts who had a ball just wandering (no pun, please) around the Village and boogying at the shows. Of course, I met some vegan body-stretchers who said it was “even better than Burning Man” (if you don’t know that means just disregard it entirely!). Either way, Wanderlust is one of those events that you can talk about at the office water machine or around the ole wheat grass shot table.

Of course if you need a place to rest your head, give Granlibakken a shout and stay in Tahoe’s coziest valley…

Partnership with Nike Tennis Camp

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Our partnership with the Nike Tennis Camp is older than some of our guests! If we were a marriage, Nike would be giving us a pearl to celebrate our 30th anniversary. To hear more about why Granlibakken and Nike are a great fit, check out our video of Program Director Tony Greco watch?v=vG9LOMsUWho.

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