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Got High Camp?

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Squaw Valley’s High Camp is one of those crazy attractions where the periphery activities seem to change every 5-10 years but the core ones, and especially the setting alone, keep it high on the list of Favorite Activities up here in the Big Blue Basin. The bungee tower is a relic of itself and a time when ‘rad’ was king; the golf range petered out once the county told owner Alex Cushing he’d have to use biodegradable balls (at a buck a pop); and the Michael Jackson video that was filmed up here never made it off the cutting room floor.

Squaw Mountain Bike Park

Squaw Mountain Bike Park (photo courtesy SVUSA)

BUT, High Camp is still among the best-skiing peaks in the nation; the meadow up top is still an amazing place to hike; the swimming lagoon is still massive; and the Olympic-size ice rink is still the world’s best outdoor building for hockey. This year, though, additional activities have been added to the mix spicing up an already delicious treat. Here’s a look at what’s on tap:

Mountain Biking is back! This hasn’t been available at Squaw since the late ’90’s. Fifteen miles of trails from intermediate to expert take you near some of the best skiing on the hill – pretty cool to see your favorite ski spots from a bike in August…

Tennis – also back! It hasn’t been open in eons either but these two incredibly-sighted courts are back on the list and if you like smacking yellow-y in different locales then book ’em now and get ready for your fastest serve and slowest feet ever (elevation 8200′ tends to speed some things up and slow others down…).

Paintball at Squaw (photo courtesy SVUSA)

Paintball at Squaw (photo courtesy SVUSA)

Paintball, buckaroos: Have yourself an old fashioned, Western shootout along Silverado Ridge. That’s no newly fandangled name for some throw-away spot at Squaw. Silverado is a favorite of the mountain’s most notorious skiers because of it’s unwieldy terrain and danger factor. Paintball takes place on a safe zone above the scariness but you’re still perched on top of…an abysssss.

Disc Golf – Yes, hippies can rejoice. They can fork out good dough to chuck a frisbee around Squaw’s 18-hole course on top of the mountain. There are 3 beginner hole up at High Camp and the other 15 wind down into the Shirley Lake area.

So there we have it: Swimming, hiking, ice skating, mountain biking, tennis, paintball, disc golf, an Olympic Museum, lots of eating options, and a Cable Ride, too. This place rules and it’s only a few short minutes from Granlibakken…

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