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What to Wear Skiing

Friday, February 11th, 2011

One of Tahoe’s timeless questions in what to wear skiing. Whether you’re visiting us here at Granlibakken, hitting the nearby Squaw Valley slopes, or even traveling to Alaska and beyond, we’ve enlisted the help of the gear experts at Tahoe Mountain Sports to make sure you know what to wear when skiing or snowboarding. Here’s their quick primer on ski layers:

what to wear skiing


Thermals, or base layers, are key. Be sure to buy base layers made of material that will wick moisture away instead of holding tight to any sweat or wet snow that may get through your outer layers. We recommend a light and natural wool layer from the likes of SmartWool apparel or Icebreaker Merino Wool. The wool being made into base layers is fine spun to eliminate any itch, and won’t hold onto odors like synthetic fabrics do. Terrarmar is a great base layer brand if you’re on a budget since their garments are built to wick moisture but are very affordable. And these guidelines go for your bottom half, too. Most brands make matching base layers for top and bottom to keep your shopping simple.


Depending on the weather, you may opt for a middle layer for additional warmth. This layer should have some loft since it’s primary purpose is to keep you warm, but you don’t want it so bulky that you can’t fit your jacket over it, or that you’ll inhibit your movement. Skip bulky cotton hoodies and sweatshirts that stay wet once they get wet. We recommend something ultralight yet warm like the Patagonia Nano pullover if you get cold, or just a heavier weight shirt like something from the SmartWool Midweight line.


If it’s snowing, be sure to wear a waterproof ski jacket. You can usually check waterproofness on garment labels. 5,000 mm (a measurement listed on most jackets that indicates how many millimeters of rain it can withstand in 24 hours) is a good start, but if it’s really wet out, you can opt for Gore-tex or Patagonia’s H2No which reach 20,000 mm and up.

If you run hot, get a jacket with pit-zips and pants with thigh zips that will be key in keeping you cool in fluctuating temps. These days, companies even make hybrid jackets (like the Patagonia Nano Storm) with some down or sythetic insulation in key spots to keep you warm. Or you can opt for a soft shell jacket that breathes and is less waterproof. Most skiers, though, go with a standard hard shell jacket; that way you can layer (or not) according to the weather.



Socks are also key to your comfort on any slope. If your feet are unhappy, clammy or wet, chances are you’ll cut your day short. The aforementioned properties of wool make it a great choice for your feet, too, and most sock brands make ski-specific socks with extra padding in high-impact areas.


Ski goggles and waterproof winter gloves are two accessories you should definitely wear when skiing or snowboarding, and don’t fret about spending a little money here. A cheap pair of goggles will fog up on a snow day and gloves without waterproofing will leave your hands cold and wet. If you spend the extra money on getting a quality pair, then you’ll be all the more comfortable and they’ll last for years and years. Another accessory to consider is a snow helmet. Skiing can be dangerous, so why not take the extra precaution? Plus, on a snow day, a ski helmet keeps your head dry!

what to wear to ski

Tahoe Mountain Sports is an online outdoor gear retailer based in Kings Beach, on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. Visit them 10am to 6pm daily, or anytime online. They’re local experts on what to wear skiing and can build a custom outfit for you.

Capturing Memories on Vacation

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

It’s often hard to have fun when you’re the one behind the video camera. While you’re adjusting your camera’s settings and angles, juggling to keep your hands warm and operate the controls, your friends and family are skiing, sledding and throwing snowballs.

But there’s a solution to your dilemma: Try out a hands-free video camera! With a high-definition ContourHD or ContourGPS video camera rental from Tahoe Mountain Sports in Kings Beach, you can ski, sled and throw all the snowballs you want, all while filming. The small, lightweight camera attaches to your helmet, goggles or vehicle to capture full high-definition footage.


The Tahoe Mountain Sports rental plan runs $40-$45 for a 24-hour helmet camera rental. Plus, you get a 4 GB memory stick and USB reader so you can take your footage home to view, edit and save.

national winter trails day tahoe

And, on another note, if you’re in town this first week of January, don’t miss the upcoming:

NATIONAL WINTER TRAILS DAY, Saturday January 8, 2011, 10am-2pm, at Tahoe Meadows off Mount Rose Highway

Us gear-heads at Tahoe Mountain Sports will be out with a full demo fleet of MSR snowshoes, Kahtoola snowshoes and more. Plus the Tahoe Rim Trail will host guided hikes, provide avalanche info, teach you how to build snow shelters and stage a snowman building contest. Free treats and hot drinks from Whole Foods and Starbucks, too, so you don’t want to miss the fun on this day. Bring along your helmet camera rental to film your winning snowman being built!

This post is brought to you by Tahoe Mountain Sports in Kings Beach, on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. Stop by while you’re in town, or visit us anytime online!

Fun on the Ski Hill for Any Age

Friday, December 10th, 2010

We at Tahoe Mountain Sports have to share what our friend Makenna’s been up to! Though she’s only 16 months, she’s hit the slopes 4 times this season already! It sure is a hard life growing up in Tahoe.

makenna on skis

If you’re visiting Granlibakken with kids and want to get them up on the hill, know that skiing can be super fun at a young age. Though Makenna isn’t quite making her own turns yet, she’s getting the feel for the snow under her feet, and is charged up to hit the slopes, even wearing her ski boots around the house!

makenna skiing 2

Read Makenna’s blog post on the Tahoe Mountain Sports blog for her tips and tricks to skiing when you’re little. Kids must be at least 7 years old to take a ski lesson at Granlibakken, but you can always access the hill on your own, or goof around in the snow play area.

This post is brought to you by Tahoe Mountain Sports in Kings Beach, on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. Stop by while you’re in town, or visit us anytime online!

Thanks for the Snow, November!

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Did you get a taste of Tahoe’s big November snowstorm? We at Tahoe Mountain Sports made the cold-hardy Granlibakken Vikings proud by getting out and playing in the deep stuff.

We headed just a few miles from Granlibakken on Tahoe’s West Shore, where the snow is always the deepest… our tracks had us breaking snow up to our thighs! Black Diamond skis were definitely the tools of choice and the Black Diamond Megawatt made its earliest season debut in years. Enjoy this photo from the Lake Tahoe backcountry, and come enjoy the snow yourself! It will just keep coming down in December.

lake tahoe backcountry

This post is excerpted from the Tahoe Mountain Sports Blog. Check it out for more photos and video! And shop Tahoe Mountain Sports in Kings Beach while you’re here, and online anytime, anywhere – we ship to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Time for Winter? A Preview of the Latest Snowshoes and Skis

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Greetings Granlibakken! Lis at Tahoe Mountain Sports here, and I’ll be bringing you exclusive peeks at Tahoe gear, adventures and events through the lens of our Kings Beach store, just a few miles around the lake from Granlibakken.

For our first post, we want to introduce you to some of the new gear that’s arriving for winter 2010-11. Though you can’t quite use these snowshoes or skis yet, it’s never to early to think about your Tahoe trip, or what you want to do and what you’ll need when you get here.

msr snowshoes


Despite the fact that they remained virtually unchanged for the past 15 years, MSR snowshoes have always been considered at the forefront of snowshoe design. They’re lightweight, weather-proof and extremely portable. But MSR upped the ante this fall, unveiling a whole line of fresh-faced snowshoes. For beginners or those who want a basic, no-frills snowshoe, we have the Evo base model, a top quality yet affordable model that integrates frame and deck.

For those a little more serious about trekking in the snow, we have MSR’s higher-end Lightning models, crafted with 7,000-grade Boeing aluminum frames. The Lightning Axis models have the Axis Gait Efficiency binding system to ensure a parallel stride, no matter your natural toe-in or toe-out stance. If you’re one of those snowshoers who is constantly clanking around, these are the snowshoes for you!

SNOWSHOEING IN TAHOE, What Shoes to Wear and What Size to Use

One of the most common mistakes novice snowshoers make is assuming they need to wear big, burly, waterproof boots. One pound of weight on the foot when snowshoeing is equal to 5 to 6 pounds on your back, so the lighter you can keep it down there the better. Wearing a waterproof, low-profile shoe or lightweight boot is your best option.

When you’re choosing your snowshoe length, also remember that weight ratio, and buy the smallest-length snowshoe for your weight. If you always snowshoe with a pack, or a kid on your back, total the combined weight for the best-fitting snowshoe. When in doubt or on the cusp, downsize. You can always add on the flotation tails (now available for every model) to accommodate for weight gains and deeper snow.

K2 skis


Skiing is Tahoe’s #1 pastime in winter. If you’re coming here to take some turns, check out the latest in stock from K2. True to our style, we went with skis from K2’s Adventure Series: the K2 COOMBAck, the K2 SideStash and the K2 GotBack, all which have all-terrain rockered tips. Stop by the shop or click through the links to our website to learn more, but in short, the COOMBAck and women’s specific GotBack are backcountry machines, built lightweight yet burly for big mountain, self-propelled charging. A bonus for buying? K2 has an Alaska heli-ski trip drawing going for anyone who purchases their backcountry skis.

You know a ski is great when the sales rep skis it. That’s the case with the K2 SideStash, also the choice of our hard goods manager, Kevin, this season. For the more descent-oriented skier who charges hard inbounds, but wants the option to take a few runs in the backcountry, the Sidestash is gonna be a big seller for us.

We’re also carrying 3 different K2 poles, the most robust of which is the K2 LockJaw Carbon/Aluminum Pole. Think of it as a James Bond-worthy ski pole: it not only serves its main ski pole function but doubles as a backup probe, inclinometer and snow depth ruler.

See you out in the snow soon!

This post is excerpted from the Tahoe Mountain Sports Blog. Check it out for more photos and video! And shop Tahoe Mountain Sports in Kings Beach while you’re here, and online anytime, anywhere – we ship to more than 100 countries worldwide!

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