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‘Yak Attack

Kayaking, especially in California, is now considered an ‘old school’ activity. Why? Stand-up paddleboarding has pretty much buried it in a wake of coolness with which the sit-down paddle sport just can’t touch. Pics of Lair Hamilton shralping 20′ waves in Hawaii make a day on a kayak seem like an hour trying to move a picnic bench.

But there’s a reason that kayaks became so popular in the first place and they will always be used by many with staunch enthusiasm: they are a silent, easy way to transport oneself across pretty large swaths of beautiful terrain. They’ll also maintain good participant numbers because millions of un-cool people in the East will swear by them for decades. In Tahoe we see people arriving with kayaks from the Maine, Florida, the Midwest and even from our own state. People rig them with fishing set-ups, sails, mini-motors, etc. They are definitely an expression of some folks’ individuality.

North Tahoe Kayakers

North Tahoe Kayakers

Most of us don’t own kayaks, however, so we rent them. Thankfully, all along Tahoe’s shores there are places to pick up them up. The closest to Granlibakken is in Tahoe City but but if you want to venture further out, you won’t drive more that a dozen miles without passing an opportunity to gliiiiide. Give it a shot – then try Stand-up paddleboarding. Judge for yourself which is better – or maybe they’re both just fun ways to explore another beautiful day on Tahoe….

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